Flowers as art in Melbourne

I have always been in awe of my Grandfather's paintings. He recently celebrated his 91st birthday and is as fit as a fiddle. My grandfather is the most beautiful painter. I could sit for hours listening to his words of wisdom about colour, light and shade, perspective and composition. I will forever treasure my family and am so grateful for all the inspiring people I am surrounded by every day.

I have started taking floral water colour painting lessons from my Grandfather. It is such a joy to place brush stroke to paper, experimenting in monochrome colour, bringing the beauty of a single flower to life on my page. 

There is an honesty about water colour in which I resonate with. As you begin the painting, there is a foundation wash and layer upon layer, the light and shade is formed. This experience of creating the painting reminds me very much of how I create a fresh floral piece. It is as if each flower connects the dots to the other, each flower having a purpose in the design. The negative space in an arrangement is what creates such beautiful movement as the eye dances from one flower to the next. I like to think of my work as architecture with flowers as my building blocks. Drawing inspiration from various cultures and creatives around the globe, I enjoy showcasing what is in season at the time.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I look forward to sharing the journal of my floral adventures with you in the future. 


Alice x